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Quality-approved and gender-diversity-affirming service providers

Axel (he/him)

Bodywork & Embodiement Coach

I was born in Denmark, but now live in Berlin where I work as a somatic practitioner. I have a background in queer and transgender activism, and have especially been involved in a social justice movement that fought to secure transgendered peoples access to health care and human rights.

Bodywork was for me a way to shift the focus from liberation on a structural level, to a more personal body-to-body level. I am interested in the space where the political meets the personal, and asking how we can support each other to live free, loving and embodied lives.

I am a certified practitioner in: Therapeutic Thai Massage, Pantarei Somatic Therapy, Embodied Counselling, Basic Movement for Trauma, Mind Body Therapy and I completed the Introduction class to Somatic Experiencing.

I am in regular supervision with Deej Juventin From the Institute of Somatic Sexology.

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Niklas (he/him)

Shiatsu Masseur & Mindfulness Coach

Niklas, I am a queer, trans*masculine, white and able-bodied Shiatsu therapist, Shiatsu teacher and mindfulness coach. I am also providing workshops for trans*, non-binary, queer people on different topics around the body and health. I've taken training courses on PTSD, chronic pain, scar treatment and mindfulness to integrate new approaches into my work, deepen my knowledge and support my clients in the best possible way. From doing sports I've always had a sense of knowing that connecting with my own body through movement provided something healing for my trauma(s). Getting in touch with Shiatsu and bodywork, this became more articulated and concious. Movement and bodywork are what centre me and keep me in touch with my own self. For me, one of the most exciting challenges is to understand how our experiences are memorized within our bodies, and how we can use the potential that our bodies hold to instigate change and healing in all aspects of our lives. As a german white person I am aware of the fact, that Shiatsu was developed in a context (mid 20th century Japan) that has no touching points with my personal/family history. I want to be respectful with this and keep learning.

Niklas Praxis 2021_edited.jpg

Puma (they/them)


Puma Höflich, I am a queer, non-binary bodyworker in my fifties. In my work it is all about creating connection. I help (mostly) queer and trans*people, who feel disconnected to their bodies, minds, hearts and longing for feeling more connected within themselves.
The tools vary between somatic mindfulness, Qigong, Wheel of consent®, Shiatsu and my own living experience.

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Lean (they/them)

Somatic Practitioner & Video Editor

Hello, my name is Lean Krenz. I work as a somatic practitioner and video editor. I train and advise in Berlin and around the world. I specialize in all topics related to somatic methods, creative processes, generating ideas and video production.

Lean Krenz_edited.jpg

Morena (she/her)

Tattoo Artist

A professional painter and illustrator, I naturally switched to tattooing in 2016 because it allows me to combine art and people. I create each design in my own style and tattoo almost exclusively with black ink. I refer to my style as fineline blackwork baroque. However, a tattoo is always created in collaboration between tattoo artist:in and tattooed person. Tattoos should reflect the vision and history of the customer. Each design is stung only once.  Here you can book a free initial consultation. At a meeting we can discuss your tattoo project or draw together.


Alexander (he/him)

Somatic Coaching

Alexander (he/ him), I'm a gay trans man, sex educator (gsp), somatic counselor, sexological bodyworker (ISB), dancer and pleasure activist. Leader of workshops and individual counselling on the topics of body awareness, intimacy and sexuality. Speaker for trans-specific topics in the field of sexual health. With my work I make a practical contribution to more visibility and inclusion of trans and non-binary people. Furthermore, I directly support them in their own experience of the body as well as the possibility of uncovering and using access to their own pleasurable potential.

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